3 Reasons to Update Your Conference Room Technology

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Dobil can give you not one… not two… but THREE reasons why you should update your conference room technology. Read along to see what these reasons are and why they’re important for your company.


3 Reasons to Update Your Conference Room Technology 

Updating conference room technology is important, yet often overlooked within office buildings. Over the past few years, employees have become accustomed to using workplace technology. Remote work and conference calls via Zoom, Skype, and Teams, just to name a few, have become an everyday norm for many.

Whether video calls are connecting your office to co-workers or clients, having the proper conference room setup is crucial to stay ahead of the game in today’s working world. Updated conference room technology not only makes the lives of those in-office easier, it shows those who are on the other side of the call (think potential clients), how keen to stay on top of things your organization is.

The three main reasons for conference room technology updates include ease of use, optimal audio-visual quality, as well as eliminating scheduling issues.


Conference Rooms Made Easy

Have you ever walked into a conference room to start a meeting minutes before attendees were about to join, and run into some type of issue that set you back? Maybe it was a cable issue, a problem connecting your computer to the screen on the wall, or even a lack of knowledge of the millions of settings available to choose from. We’ve all been there.

With updated technology comes the ability to lease technological pieces and always assure they are up-to-date and easy for everyone in the office to use. Most companies offer the same one or two computer types to every employee. Having the proper set-up for those two laptops within the conference room with minimal changes to settings makes meeting in-person and through video calls a breeze.

When employees are aware they can step into the office conference room and host a meeting that is both online and in-person with ease and without worrying, it makes everything less stressful.


Audio-Visual Quality

Each conference room needs two main things – some type of wall-mounted video system and speakers. This can include a built-in video wall, a fully connected web-cam set-up, along with a built-in phone and speaker system.

What will this prevent? Well, those in the room with you will not have to gather around your computer screen, they can see it on a larger scale in presentation mode, just like any individuals on the other side of the call. Everyone can talk if the audio system is properly set-up. The host is not the only one who can speak, making it easier to have a larger group discussion.

Lastly, updating meeting-room technology will prevent missing quality. If you are using old audio or video systems, quality may be lacking. Whereas, if you are sure to stay up-to-date with conference-room technology, better quality will come naturally.


Conference Room Scheduling

Is there anything worse than double booking a conference room when you spent weeks planning an important conference call meeting? So, of course there are worst things, but this is never a good situation to be in. There is a solution to this problem, however.


Did you know you can have conference and meeting room scheduling devices installed outside of each of your office meeting rooms? This allows employees to check on room availability and prevent the dreaded double-booking issues.

In addition to these three main reasons to keep your conference room updated, learn what else you can consider when designing office spaces and conference rooms. To learn more about updating your conference room technology in 2022, contact Dobil today.