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Customer Testimonial: Rob Liptak

What is it like to work with Dobil Laboratories? Find out why our partners prefer working with Dobil. Here is our customer testimonial with Rob, “They took away a lot of the headache that I normally have…” Click here to visit our website!

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Dobil’s work at Eden Hall Campus- Chatham University

Eden Hall is a multipurpose facility. Watch the full video to see what the customer was looking to accomplish and some challenges Dobil Laboratories faced during AV installations. “Eden Hall is an experiential campus that immerses today’s students, children, families, communities and life-long learners in the possibilities of tomorrow. It is a vital, interdisciplinary laboratory […]

When should you upgrade your projector screen?

When is the best time to consider replacing your projector screen? The best way to tell is when the image quality is deteriorating, the size or style of the room is changing, or you have different content available. Over the years the surface may have been damaged or written on because many are made with […]


Shoji Diffusion Panels

Our Event Production team shows off our new Shoji Diffusion Panels. They are now available for rental! Take your event to the next level with this fully customizable backdrop that will bring an extra bit of visual WOW to whatever you are doing. Contact us for your next event: Click here!


Dobil Services

What does Dobil do, exactly? We do system integration and that starts with the AV system but included a lot of other things. Dobil Laboratories tries to make it work simply and easily. We service all markets!

The ABC’s of Hospitality Background Music

We all have been in restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, and so many other places that have music playing. The music is there to keep us entertained, engaged, and distracted. It also helps to have a little bit of background sound during your time at places such as restaurants, hotels, etc. As audio/visual integration professionals, do […]


During a recent site survey, “I had the opportunity to spend some time in my customer’s office,” John Williams.  As I waited for him to finish a brief phone conversation, I did what any good salesperson would do – I looked around at the photos, mementos, and other items of personal significance he had chosen to display.  There were the usual family photos, framed certifications, and commendations; but one framed citation particularly caught my eye.