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3 Reasons to Update Your Conference Room Technology

Updating conference room technology is important, yet often overlooked within office buildings. Over the past few years, employees have become accustomed to using workplace technology. Remote work and conference calls via Zoom, Skype, and Teams, just to name a few, have become an everyday norm for many. Whether video calls are connecting your office to […]


AV Heroes Work Here

As you drive around, have you noticed those “Covid Hero” signs? “A Hero Lives Here!” “Thank you Essential Workers!” “Thank you First Responders!” “Thank you Healthcare workers!” “Some Super Heroes Wear Scrubs.” Wouldn’t it be nice if someone put out a sign that read, “AV Heroes Work Here.” I mean really, think about it.  What […]

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Dobil Laboratories, Inc. would like to talk about some practical ways of using Virtual and Hybrid events. We are all looking for ways to connect, communicate and keep doing business during this time. Virtual events have been the norm recently and will continue to gain traction in most markets. We can help guide you through […]


Dobil Culture

The Dobil culture is one in a million! We like Dobil Laboratories to be an enjoyable place to work where the guys and girls are like brothers and sisters. Do you enjoy going to work every day? Click here to visit our website! Connect with Dobil here: https://www.instagram.com/dobillabsinc/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/dobil-laboratories/ https://www.facebook.com/DobilLabsInc/ https://twitter.com/DobilLabsInc


Do You Love Your AV Integrator?

Well, it’s February – the month of Valentine’s Day and thoughts of love fill the air. If for a moment we can suspend the romantic connotations, I can’t help asking the question, “Do you love your AV integrator?”  If so, why?  And if not, why not? One of the more common questions I will ask […]


Customer Testimonial: Rob Liptak

What is it like to work with Dobil Laboratories? Find out why our partners prefer working with Dobil. Here is our customer testimonial with Rob, “They took away a lot of the headache that I normally have…” Click here to visit our website!

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Dobil’s work at Eden Hall Campus- Chatham University

Eden Hall is a multipurpose facility. Watch the full video to see what the customer was looking to accomplish and some challenges Dobil Laboratories faced during AV installations. “Eden Hall is an experiential campus that immerses today’s students, children, families, communities and life-long learners in the possibilities of tomorrow. It is a vital, interdisciplinary laboratory […]

When should you upgrade your projector screen?

When is the best time to consider replacing your projector screen? The best way to tell is when the image quality is deteriorating, the size or style of the room is changing, or you have different content available. Over the years the surface may have been damaged or written on because many are made with […]


Shoji Diffusion Panels

Our Event Production team shows off our new Shoji Diffusion Panels. They are now available for rental! Take your event to the next level with this fully customizable backdrop that will bring an extra bit of visual WOW to whatever you are doing. Contact us for your next event: Click here!