Dobil Earns PSNI Global Deployment Certification

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Audio Visual, Blog, Web | 0 comments

PSNI-certified companies continue to elevate the customer experience through consistently exceptional integration services, globally.

Dobil is thrilled to announce that Conor McCaskey has been awarded the PSNI Global Deployment certification. This certification underscores our commitment to providing customers with a standardized approach to service and integration worldwide, ensuring a seamless experience, irrespective of project location. As part of the PSNI Global Alliance, Dobil stands among the largest and fastest-growing private networks, boasting premier technology integrators and service providers across 6 continents with more than 200 offices globally.

“Through the implementation of this certification process, we want our customers to rest assured that they will consistently receive a standardized, superior service, ensuring a seamless experience from one region to another, and from country to country,” said Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance.

To achieve Global Deployment certification, employees undergo rigorous testing on global audiovisual deployment practices outlined in the PSNI Global Deployment handbook. Skill areas encompass contracts, meetings, expectations, design, programming, end-user training, project templates, project workflow, and more. PSNI integrators conduct peer reviews, emphasizing response time, information accuracy, and exceeding expectations to ensure strict adherence to PSNI Global Deployment practices.

Dobil now joins the prestigious group of PSNI Certified Solution Providers, working together in integration, service and support on a worldwide basis.

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