Event Tech in the Hospitality Industry: Why You Need It

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Blog, Event Technology | 0 comments

Event technology in the hospitality business is invaluable, especially as we transition back into live events mixed with some hybridity or fully virtual aspects. We want you to be prepared for any of these situations and to feel comfortable with the flexibility. Dobil Laboratories Inc. offers technology-enabled solutions to address the event needs in the hospitality industry.  

What Event Tech is Used? Why? 

Event technology includes pre-production, production, and post-production services at each step of the content creation process. It also includes live event equipment including audio or visual equipment. Hybrid options are also a very relevant and valuable aspect of event tech.  

In the hospitality industry in particular, Dobil provides solutions such as pre-event planning technology including video conferencing. Content design is important for the hospitality industry to establish their brand and identity, and Dobil helps with this designing and execution. We also are the trusted partners at dozens of hotels and have established venue partnerships which attract teams to the hospitality industry, creating a mutually beneficial collaboration.   

Why Trust Dobil?

Our event technology team is the recognized leader in our industry for your in-person or hybrid experiences and are excited to have been able to bring this to the hospitality industry as well. If you’re hosting a conference, running meetings, or hosting events in your hotels across the nation, let Dobil lead the way.