IP-Based Communication Systems

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The safety of your facilities is of the utmost importance to us at Dobil. Let us outline to you the implementation of IP-based communication systems to help make your facilities and the people within them the safest they can possibly be.


Why You Should Implement IP-Based Communication Systems

Fire & SecurityIn this Dobil Learning Lab, we had two speakers from Bogen Communications Inc. discuss how to make your facilities safer, more secure, and more efficiently operated. Read along to witness how Bogen regional sales manager Scott Whipple and national training manager Scott Hepler address how their Nyquist IP-Based Communication Systems can help you do that.

Bogen Communications began in 1932 in New York City as the David Bogen Company and started making various electronic products. At the point of production, it was high-end home music reproduction systems including record players and more. Eventually, the company evolved into commercial and residential sound systems, intercom systems, etcetera. Bogen has been a market leader in the commercial sectors for 90 years.

Key Applications of Paging and Intercom Systems

Paging is used to find the location of employers or customers.

Background music has become increasingly prevalent in not only retail but in office, medical environments, and more. The requests for unified music in industrial applications are through the roof.

In-facility advertising is another major application of these systems, and this is used to show off daily sales specials.

Public Announcements are some of the most important applications, especially when it comes to security and safety. These are used to make announcements of all different importance levels. A lot of this happens in hospitals and other facilities where a timely announcement must be made.

Live and pre-recorded facility-wide safety messages are another application of these systems, and an extremely vital one at that. This includes messages about fire, weather, security, medical, and more.

Visual paging is the last application outlined, which entails messages being broadcast on displays.


Advantages of IP-Based Pagin

IP-based paging is scalable to virtually any size which allows for mass notification applications from one building to an entire campus to buildings spread across the country or world.

It also allows you to leverage your existing LAN/WAN and mix and match the right features for your particular application since it is feature-rich.

There is also on-premise installation that reduces reliance on WAN stability so that your local system is still in operation even if there is an external Internet problem.

It is also easy to add visual paging alerts with the NQ-GA10PV which connects to an HDMI display and allows for different screen formats.

There are constantly new features and software platforms evolving and responding to customer needs, environments, and technology just as quickly as they are changing.

All system parameters can be altered via web-based UI and volume levels can be altered for different priority pages, allowing for announcements, paging, and music all to have their own volume simultaneously.

It also allows seamless integration into existing infrastructure to maximize what you get from what you already have. This includes interfacing with the existing legacy analog wiring, PBX, and iPBX.

There is also an independent network operation capability so you can set the system up on its own network switch so that it can operate on its own network switch. This means it is then connected through one gateway through the customer network.


For more information on Borgen’s specific E7000 software and to see IP-Based Communication Systems implemented, visit Dobil’s Learning Lab