Video Solutions that just work.

Solutions that work for your space. Solutions that work for delivering your message and communicating as effectively as possible. Solutions that work for you. A/V Technology has opened new avenues of learning, collaborating and communicating. It’s a fast-changing world out there, we’re prepared to keep you on top of your technology game.

More than just a Picture

Digital signage is the perfect solution to keep people engaged and informed about your institution both indoors and outdoors. From smart maps and ordering screens to rotating content and emergency alert options, digital signage will keep your business looking fresh and modern.

Masters of Meeting Tech

Your work doesn’t slow down, despite what’s going on in the world. If you’re looking for the latest in virtual meeting technology, look no further. Let us design, build and service your virtual meeting room with the latest technology so you can share your message with the world..

Control at your Fingertips

Operating your systems, whether it’s in a theater, emergency operations center or in a school, needs to be intuitive and efficient. Look no further than Dobil for design, installation and service for your Control Room.

Smart Technology

Overseeing and controlling an office or school building can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Let Dobil use put our technology partners like Crestron to work to help you schedule rooms, control digital signage and so much more.

Dobil Earns PSNI Global Deployment Certification

PSNI-certified companies continue to elevate the customer experience through consistently exceptional integration services, globally. Dobil is thrilled to announce that Conor McCaskey has been awarded the PSNI Global Deployment certification. This certification...

Hybrid Events: Technology Now & What’s Next

Since 2020 ushered in a rapid set of improvements in remote meeting technology, the term Hybrid Events has become a part of every business and event production team's vocabulary. It's important to understand that hybrid events are here to stay and that new technology...

7 Best Practices for Hotel Management Companies to Use When Choosing the Right Event Technology Provider

As the demand for sophisticated event experiences continues to rise, hotel management teams find themselves at the forefront of ensuring their venues can cater to diverse event requirements. A crucial aspect of this is selecting the right event technology provider....

Government and Municipal Uses for A/V Tech

When you are trying to reach a wide audience, the best way to tailor your approach is through presentation. How you present yourself is incredibly important, and this is especially true for state and local government agencies.    A/V Needs Government officials and the...

Why Higher Education Needs Great A/V

Higher Education is a complex system which dips its toes into various areas with various needs. Dobil pairs our Audio and Visual solutions with the demands in the Higher Education industry to make for a smoother and more successful learning environment.  Uses of A/V...

Do You Love Your AV Integrator?

Do you love your AV integrator?  We encourage you to read more about what to consider when determining if you are happy with your current integrator.   Do You Love Your AV Integrator? Well, it’s February – the month of Valentine’s Day and thoughts of love fill...

When Should You Upgrade Your Projector Screen?

When is the right time to update your projector screen? It might have been 3 months ago, two weeks from now, or right now! Read along with our blog from Dobil to help you determine when the best time would be for you to consider replacing your projector screen. ...

Do you know how much bad AV is really costing you?

You may be LOSING money because of bad AV for your company… Dobil wants to help you prevent that. Read along to better understand and be able to identify potentially bad AV.   Do you know how much bad AV is really costing you? Part of my job is providing clients...

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