What does Dobil do, exactly?

We do system integration and that starts with the AV system but included a lot of other things. Dobil Laboratories tries to make it work simply and easily. We service all markets!

We all have been in restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, and so many other places that have music playing. The music is there to keep us entertained, engaged, and distracted. It also helps to have a little bit of background sound during your time at places such as restaurants, hotels, etc.

As audio/visual integration professionals, do we actually fulfill our customer’s needs in each one of these applications? They may seem very similar, but in fact, all have very distinct differences, and this is one aspect that is extremely difficult to achieve.

Take a look at 3 different ways to listen to music in the places around you:

  1. Simple background music is a source that plays in stores, airports, or lobby ways of public areas and are the most basic of the background music that we provide. This type of music gives off some audible distraction so that it is not completely quiet in the environment. This is very basic and not as noticeable to guests.
  2. Restaurant background music is in no way the same as the simple background music as mentioned above. We are providing more than simple background audible distraction in this application. The music should be part of the atmosphere of the restaurant and help provide the atmosphere as well as create a tone and set a mood in the restaurant. As the restaurant fills with patrons the music should increase in level but too loudly. Music should assist in continuing the tone and mood. It should never create more noise to where the customers feel the need to raise their voices to be heard while talking amidst of their group. This is something an audio/visual integration professional should accomplish for those types of installations.
  3. Bar music systems are very different from the others and have a few different types and styles of applications. If a bar wants music driving the level, it will depend on the source of that music. Is it a juke box? Online music? Live instrumentation with musicians and vocalists? All of these have specific and yet very different types of equipment and installations. There is not a 1 system fits all solution. They all are to be evaluated independently and completely custom.A. Bar music from a juke box or an online streaming music will have relatively high output “Commercial Series” speakers and amplifiers capable of powering those speakers at increased volume levels compared to that of in average restaurant background music system for extended periods of time.B. Bar music from that of a DJ, in more of a high energy bar or night club environment, would require speakers and amplifiers that of what can be “Commercial or Pro Equipment” with the capabilities of much higher volume levels and including subwoofers for the type of dance music and sustained levels expected in these types of establishments.

    C. Bar music, consisting of primarily live performance and sound reinforcement of musicians, instrumentation and vocalists requires what is considered “Pro Gear” with higher quality, power, clarity and volume sustainability along with pro performance loudspeakers and professional digital mixing consoles, microphones and input capabilities far more elaborate than the basic online music or juke box.

All of these have independent and very specific types of equipment and setups as well. An Audio/Visual Integration Professional is necessary to help achieve these goals as well as recognize the need and have solutions for all.

-Brian Henderson

Have you ever wondered what our audio visual space looked like or where we all come?

Watch this video and take a tour of our office, Dobil Laboratories, Inc.

During a recent site survey, “I had the opportunity to spend some time in my customer’s office,” John Williams.  As I waited for him to finish a brief phone conversation, I did what any good salesperson would do – I looked around at the photos, mementos, and other items of personal significance he had chosen to display.  There were the usual family photos, framed certifications, and commendations; but one framed citation particularly caught my eye.

Todd was a retired Navy lieutenant.  During his tenure, he had served on multiple nuclear submarines.  On the occasion of his retirement, his Commanding Officer presented him with a plaque which now hangs prominently on his office wall.  It is a quote attributed to Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, who directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion.  Here’s what it said:

“Responsibility is a unique concept.
It can only reside and inhere in an individual.
You can share it with others but your portion is not diminished.
You may delegate it but it is still with you.
You may disclaim it but you cannot divest yourself of it.
Even if you do not recognize it or admit its presence, you cannot escape it.
If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion or ignorance or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else.
Unless you can point your finger at the man who is responsible when something goes wrong, then you have never had anyone really responsible.”

I share this with you because as I read it, my thoughts immediately turned to many of the project managers here at Dobil I have had the privilege to work with throughout the years.  In a world filled with “spin” and finger-pointing, they have repeatedly demonstrated what it means to “be responsible.” Audiovisual systems integration is only as good as the last guy standing on the project who has the strength of character to accept responsibility for resolving whatever problems the project may present – especially when to do so is painful or costly.

On behalf of my customers who count on you, Thanks, guys. You really are special.  I am so grateful for the privilege of working with you


John Williams is a Sales Engineer for Dobil Laboratories, a nationally recognized award-winning audiovisual systems integrator based in Pittsburgh, PA.  With over 40 years in the industry, John specializes in creative solutions for audiovisual design and integration in higher education, corporate and house of worship applications.

David Rosenberger has grown up with Dobil Laboratories, Inc. since birth. David has also worked in every role that Dobil Laboratories offers. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about his second home…

How long have you been at Dobil?

I can remember repairing transformers on speakers with my Dad when I was 10 after I was done with my homework. Then I worked every summer taking out the garbage, weeding the parking lot, sweeping the dock, terminating wires, and cleaning vans inside and out. 2012 was when I then moved into being a technician and was taught by some of the best in the business, many of which are still at Dobil Laboratories, Inc. After that, I moved into a project manager role and learned what it took to interact with our customers, set expectations, and deliver projects on time. I decided to switch into sales and did that exclusively for 2 years before moving into more of a leadership role.

My leadership role is currently Vice President at Dobil Laboratories. This position entails everything from steering the company in the right direction, helping to build out and design our new office building, selecting the right games for our employee game room, interviewing new hires, planning what our next steps are for pursuing and growing the business organically and selling.

What does Dobil mean to you?

Dobil is everything to me, it’s not a job, it’s not even a career, it’s a purpose, it’s family, it’s a drive that has been taught to me, it’s almost like an itch that I can never totally scratch. It’s the ultimate responsibility and challenge, keeping a large-small business alive and well, and keeping over 170 employees happy and satisfied is a serious thing to do!

One of the main reasons that we have such loyal customers is that they feel like they’re part of… THE FAMILY. We do our best to include them in all of our events and our achievements. Customers tend to stay with us so much so that when they leave their firm and move to another, they bring us with them. It’s simple, our job is to make them look good and if we achieve that then they will keep coming back.

What does Dobil Laboratories, Inc. do?

We haven’t even started talking about what we actually do here. Dobil finds new, refreshing ways to help people learn and meet more effectively. We use the latest in audio-visual technology to achieve that goal and it’s the best show on earth.

What we do here is so important because we are the team behind the curtain that is helping companies be more productive. We’re helping them solve that next problem that could change their afternoon, company, industry, or the world. We’re helping students learn, collaborate, show creativity, and ability to shape our/their future. This is all done by designing and creating the right system/technology environment for them.

A lot of our customers have been with us for over 10 years, some of them well over 20. We believe that this is because we always do what we say we’re going to do, we go the extra mile to make things right and most of all we care about the relationship with the customer/partner. This is synonymous with why we have such little turnover with our team. We treat our customers and team members like they’re family!

How has the company grown?

Over the last 5 years, the way that the company has developed and grown has been really fun to be a part of. Dobil Laboratories is rounding off the second year in our new building that is 3x bigger than our last and about 1000x nicer. We’re able to hold training and showcase our systems and capabilities through our building.

We’ve added and developed a number of key personnel over the last couple of years that have been pivotal to our success and I believe that we’re just getting started. One of the biggest things that I/we believe in here is training and continuing to learn and grow in our industry. The day that we are not learning and moving forward will be the day that Dobil perishes. We have some of the highest trained and certified staff IN THE WORLD let alone the east coast. We’ve been involved in some key partnerships that have forced us to learn and grow along with them.

Every new challenge is something that we can conquer TOGETHER, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish as a team. We’ve close to doubled our revenue in the last 5 years and maintained all of our core values

  • family
  • learning
  • humor

which seems to be the unicorn that companies try to find, and it appears that we’ve found it by staying true to ourselves!