Dobil Announces our 2022 Vendor of the Year

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In recognition of our Vendor of the Year – Christina Smith of Exertis/Almo


2022 Vendor of the Year 

Every year, as part of our Customer Appreciation Golf outing, Dobil hosts our vendors the night before to show our appreciation for their partnership and involvement in our event. Every year, we recognize a Vendor of the Year– someone who adds great value and is a trusted partner of Dobil. Someone who makes our lives as Integrated Solutions experts a little easier. This year, we’re proud to recognize Christina Smith! Christina is our Exertis/Almo Representative, who we’ve worked with for over 7 years through a variety of roles. We’ve demanded that Christina remains our rep wherever she goes, and for good reason. There has been no challenge too big for Christina and no request too small. We’re grateful for our partnership. 

“As soon as we worked with Christina, we knew there was no going back. She became our representative years ago and has been a vital part of our company every day since.”

-Conor McCaskey, Dobil Labs 

Making Life at Dobil Easier

Christina is known and admired for her responsiveness and ability to keep those around her motivated and informed. She never misses the opportunity to help in any way she can, especially when it comes to speeding up processes and ensuring quick turnarounds on time sensitive projects.  

We hope that this award shows how much our company values our partnership, and we look forward to continuing the great work we’ve been doing together!    

Let’s all take a minute to recognize our Dobil Vendor of the Year 2022: Thank You Christina Smith!