Why Higher Education Needs Great A/V

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Audio Visual, Blog | 0 comments

Higher Education is a complex system which dips its toes into various areas with various needs. Dobil pairs our Audio and Visual solutions with the demands in the Higher Education industry to make for a smoother and more successful learning environment. 

Uses of A/V Integration in Higher Education

As technology has developed, higher education has developed along with it. As each generation becomes more accustomed to high tech advancements, we work hard to advance along with it. Dobil Laboratories, Inc. values education and those who are working hard in pursuit of it. This means we put in hard work to make the learning environments as effective, dependable, and consistent as possible. 

Updating your A/V

Many things changed over the course of the past few years, the use of technology in learning environments being one of the largest ones. We kept up when classrooms switched to strictly virtual, and then kept up again when it shifted once more to be hybrid which is where it seems to be staying. 

This new virtually expanded world seems to be the new world we live in, and we are happy to say that we are here to help your institution every step of the way! From design process to installation to integration to management, Dobil has the solutions you need.  

What This A/V Means For You

Dobil services help students, teachers, and staff collaborate between themselves and with the A/V integrators. Educational institutions take advantage of Dobil’s A/V services which provide video solutions for their spaces. From indoor or outdoor video walls to Teams and Zoom rooms to control rooms and intelligent workplaces, there is a solution for each A/V question you may have in your institution.  

A/V technology has opened new avenues of learning just as education has done the same. No matter the future of A/V and Higher Education, Dobil Laboratories, Inc. is committed to maintaining the developments in both fields.